Back to School 2017

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017

On Friday 1st of September we will all return to school in Eyrecourt NS. 

We welcome our new Junior Infants: Daniel, Isabella, Maisie, Nicole, Oisín and Rhian.
Ms Burke will be returning to the junior room for the first three weeks. She is then taking up a permanent appointment in Clonfert school. We were very lucky to secure the appointment of Ms Kearns to take over on the 25th of September for the rest of Mrs Greaney's maternity leave. Both Ms Burke and Ms Kearns are working together planning the activities for the junior room and ensuring a smooth transition. Ms Kearns will be teaching with Ms Burke on Ms Burkes last day and will meet the parents at home time.  

Last years sixth class of Adam, Ellie, Ellen, Eva and the two Jacks will have almost a week done in 1st year. We're hearing great things about them from Banagher already and we wish them all the best of luck in the year ahead. 

If you were passing the school you might have noticed some activity over the last few days. We were successful in securing a Summer Works grant this summer. This is to replace and repair the  fascia and soffit, guttering and flat roofs. We are also finally painting the school and the railings. Unfortunately the grant funding was only announced weeks before the summer break, hence the delay in commencement of works. The board of managment through Dolan & Associates Architects Ballinasloe have to follow the process of advertising, tendering and registering the contractor before works can begin. This takes a number of weeks. The contractor assures me that the works will not take too long and should not affect our entry to the school or the playground as they will try to finish the work out of school hours as much as possible.

School Times
School opens at 9.20am. Pupils should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes beforehand and wait to line up on the yard.  Teachers collect their class from the yard at 9.20am after the bell has been rung. Parents are welcome to accompany the new pupils to their classroom for the first few days until they settle in.

12:00pm Junior infants for the first 2/3 weeks.
Ms Burke will inform parents when she feels class is ready to stay until 2pm. Parents enter the school using the door to the left which will be unlocked at 12pm.

2:00pm  Senior infants
Parents enter the school using the door to the left which will be unlocked at 2pm.  

3:00pm  1st-6th classes
Please organise a safe meeting point with your child or walk up and meet them at the gate. Practice the safe cross code with your child and make them aware of hazards on the road. The front of the school is reserved for the school bus. We are a Green Travel School so encourage your child to walk or cycle if possible. 

We noticed a mistake on the 3rd and 4th class booklist as we were sorting the books. The Maths book should be a rental book, this reduces the cost by over €10. 
The overal cost for each class is below. The full itemised list was distributed in the school reports and welcome packs and are available on request from the office.
Junior Infants:         €120.44
Senior Infants:        €122.19
1st Class:                €136.18
2nd Class:               €177.34
3rd Class:                €135.33
4th Class:                €135.33
5th Class:                €157.13
6th Class:                €152.13

School Office Times
Monday- Thursday 9am-11am
Outside of those times please leave a message on 090 9675362 or email

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